S U C C E S S ! ! !

Anna, Rowan & Iveta have saved the day! Much taming of weeds and careful transplanting of crowded seedlings has been patiently undertaken and things are finally getting back into flourishing order.

Peas climb, nasturtiums crawl, oriental salads explode and tennis ball sized radishes burst through the soil… its going to be another bumper harvest and solstice kitchen of heavenly, healthy, scrumptious, crunchious, rumbuncious greenery.

Hope to see you there for a plate full

whooooop whooop!!!!!!

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The Spinach needs YOU!

We need folk from 24th May – 5th June (and beyond, and before…)

All food and (some) travel expenses covered…

Things have been a little bumpier this year, without such a constant flow of care but our plants are soldiering on and need just that last little helping hand to get them through.

Drop me an email or give me a call if you think you might be able to help….

And, there’s even the promise of some sunshine next week to mark the long awaited entrance into Spring!!! Whooop whoop, bring you snorkels!

Get in touch if you’re interested:
07868 704 763 / edibleegilsay@hotmail.co.uk

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and sow it grows…

April draws to a close and the garden is looking FABULOUS.. this time last year we had only just arrived so everything is well on track for a bigger, bumper, earlier harvest… meaning salads for every meal for everyone who comes along for set up in June. Huge thanks so far to Alice, Adam, James, Anna, Rowan, Abi, Lucy E, Josie, Lucy C, Carlos and Ally!!! New pics are up to show off our excellent work, do peruse. If you want to spend some time nurturing the garden in May we could still use extra hands… get in touch and we’ll reveal all.

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News from the garden & volunteers wanted!

We have started growing in the garden again – a little earlier this year than last so, given good weather, we should have an even better bumper harvest. Thank you so far to Adam, Alice and Rowan for helping out and to those who are still to come. First things first though we are still looking for a few extra people to help out from the 25th April and throughout May, so if you have a week to spare and fancy the most peaceful gardening experience ever please contact Alice (edibleegilsay@hotmail.co.uk) We can cover travel expenses within Scotland up to approximately £30 with receipts, and your food and possibly even some home brew.

Extended news from the garden
The soil is looking good after a second winter mulch of sea weed, manure and straw by the wonderful Alice, Jonny and Kat, though some of the weeds (mint, couch grass and ground elder) are pretty persistent in spreading the roots about the place. Nothing that some diligent weeding over the spring and summer won’t stop though.

The polytunnel still stands strong and was home to an already hefty sized hops plant when we arrived. We decided to move the hops plant outside just in case it decided to take over, and it now lives at the south end of the barn where it is currently sulking but will hopefully perk up a bit. We were also very happy to find tree spinach seedlings dotted around the floor of the polytunnel – they’re now potted up and ready to be planted somewhere else in good time. Two hot days of shorts and t-shirt work in the polytunnel and it is now planted with strawberries, peas, nasturtium, morning glory, sweet peas and borage. There are four hanging selves full of seed trays, including 4 different varieties of basil. All but one of these shelves can come down when everything gets bigger to make room for the sprawl of peas. It will hopefully look ship shape and lovely come June.

We’ve mulched the hawthorn hedge which was just starting to flush again and will one day make a lovely wind break! And around the edge of the hedge we’ve planted some wild garlic lifted and divided from a large clump at the back of the garden. The comfry patch has also been extended to border the big mint patch in an experiment to see if it will do any good in slowing the mint’s onward march across the garden. Time will tell.

And the outside beds have started to be planted up with all sorts of nice things. In the beds are turnips, radishes, lots of different varieties of Japanese greens, beetroot, calendula, spinach, chard, endive, chicory, parsley, anise hyssop as an experiment, fennel, lovage and more. Plus some potatoes, leeks and cabbages for November mulching parties should that happen. We’ve also slightly changed the layout of the beds to make them slightly smaller with a bit more space for sitting and having garden parties.

So all is good :-) I’m off and away on my bike now :-) Please take pictures of the garden and send stories, I’m very curious how it will turn out. And nurture the garden and each other.

Roz x

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galloping green fingers

We’re going to the garden!  we’ll be there from the 2nd of April.  Please let us know if you’re interested in coming to visit and take part.

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shhhecret shhindig

Glasgow Fundraiser event, Sat 28 January
“Billiard Room” Glasgow

Traveling musical minstrels BARD are in Glasgow toon for a very special Celtic Connections affair but we’ve nabbed them for a secret wee gig, in the grand but intimate surroundings of our elegant living room (er.. sorry, billiard room)

Look and listen here:

Expect other exciting warm up musical delights, optional ceilidh-ing, cocktails, home brew and whatever else we can rustle up for your pleasure…

Bring dancing shoes, eagers ears and all your pals!

Collecting donations for Edible Egilsay 2012

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the crew is gathering for voyage 2012

Last year was good.  My goodness we ate lots of goodness.  So we’d love to do it again.  Edible Egilsay 2012.

We want to make it happen, but we can’t do this without you!  We really really can’t.  So, we’re looking for volunteers, especially in the month of April, to commit to spending a week or more of your time to help nurture the garden.

If we don’t have people there for the majority of April and May it won’t happen.  Which is not a bad thing: things change, things sleep, things rest.  but it would be really nice if it did happen.

So, if you have a little bit of garden experience or the will to learn, and find the idea of spending some time on a remote island with seals and sand appealing, please get in touch and we will explain more (see contacts page).

We are currently fundraising to help cover transport costs and food costs (though can’t guarantee we will be able to cover all costs). You will have somewhere warm and dry to stay with fuel and a stove and electricity, tools and tips on the gardening front, and lots and lots of freedom.  Alice and I will be there for some of the time, but not all of the time, and so we’re ideally looking for people who have a bit of gardening experience, but if you don’t know your spade from your shovel and would like to go when alice and I aren’t there we will give you lots of hints and tips in the form of notes, drawings, emails, phone chats and more.  gardening is not a dark art, it is love.

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Festive Fundraiser

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Success amidst the gales!

Three intrepid gardeners have safely returned from the windswept shores leaving behind many happy worms to work their magic among the seaweed and manure. We returned to find delicous crops of kale, potatoes, spinach, carrots and the odd beetroot patiently awaiting amongst the undergrowth.  With four short winter days of hard graft, and long evenings feasting beside the fire our work for 2011 is now done.

The polytunnel stands strong and Harvey is proudly watching over newly planted broad beans and garlic quietly waiting for our return in Spring 2012.

Keep an eye out for upcoming invitations to winter fundraisers, planning sessions and work party calendars for April through July next year. Anyone and everyone is welcome to spend time up at the garden and lend a hand… Get in touch and spread the word.


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Join us for the next starry voyage…

Digging, mulching, star gazing and storytelling (Egilsay meets winter )

It has been a good few months since we feasted on wonderful times and salad at the Orkney Solstice Festival, and I hope you are all well and thriving.
It is time to bed down the garden for winter, feed it well for next year with lashings of seaweed and manure and some songs. And so we are proposing a visit up to Egilsay in mid-November – would you like to come too? The sky at night will glisten with stars and phosphorescence and sparks from the fire and the sea will churn up some fiersome energies. Anyone who would like to come please let us know as and when you can. Bring warm stuff and garlic.

We will be getting the ferry from Aberdeen on Sunday 20th November, 5pm, and most of us returning the weekend after.

If anyone can’t make it in the autumn, but is interested in getting involved in the garden next year please get in touch – we will be gardening from spring onwards with potential for feeding more than just the festival.

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